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Dr. Adnan Al Berunie
(MBBS, MS (Phase A), DCH (In Course, AUS), PGT)
MBBS, MS (Ph-A), DCH (Course, AUS), PGT (Med)
Resident Doctor, Dhaka Sishu Hospital

বর্তমানে তিনি ঢাকা শিশু হাসপাতালে রেসিডেন্ট ডাক্তার হিসাবে কর্মরত আছেন এবং পোষ্ট গ্রাজুয়েশন এমএস কোর্স করছেন।

7 Years Experience
BMDC - A66460
Fees: 300.00TK
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(MBBS (Dr.SIMCH), DMU (ICITR), Infant Nutrition, Certified in Pain Management (University of Oxford).)
COVID-19, Medicine, Paediatric, Skin & VD, General surgery, Emergency Medicine
LABAID Specialized Hospital

Dr.Ahmed Sadeq MBBS(Dr.SIMCH),DMU(ICITR) BMDC REG: A-90098 Dr.Sirajul Islam Medical College & Hospital

2 Years Experience
BMDC - A-90098
Fees: 100.00TK
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Dr.Fahmina Haque Queen
(MBBS(SSMC),BCS (Health)PGT (Obs. & Gynae))
Worked at Dhaka Medical College

6 Years Experience
BMDC - A69888
Fees: 400.00TK
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Dr Tanvir Rahman

7 Years Experience
BMDC - A 70021
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Dr.Pijush majumder
(MBBS(RU),MCGP,CMU, Certified course on Covid -19 (under WHO&DGHS))
Teleconsultant of DSH, Dhaka,Medical officer, Shasthobatayan, Dhaka.

MBBS, MCGP, cmu, Certified course on covid-19(corona virus) under WHO&DGHSExperienced in telemedicine & consultencyCurrent…

4 Years Experience
BMDC - 98574
Fees: 150.00TK
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Dr. Anower Parvej
(MBBS, DLO(c))
Ent and Head neck surgery
Combined Military Hospital

ডাঃ আনোয়ার পারভেজ বর্তমানে ঢাকা ক্যান্টনমেন্টের সম্মিলিত সামরিক হাসপাতালে নাক,কান,গলা ও হেড-নেক সার্জারীতে উচ্চতর প্রশিক্ষনের…

3 Years Experience
BMDC - A-87526
Fees: 300.00TK
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Child Specialist at Impulse Hospital

12 years worked in Saudi Arabia under ministry of health as resident of pediatric department.20 years worked in Central…

42 Years Experience
BMDC - 7444
Fees: 800.00TK
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Dr.Munira Ferdous
Skin, Hair, Nail, Allergic Diseases & Health specialist
Unique hospital & diagnostic center,chattogram

5 Years Experience
BMDC - A76212
Fees: 500.00TK
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Sumaiyah Rafique
(M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition)
Weight management, Diabetes Management, Hypertension Management, Chronic and acute Kidney disease management, Cardiovascular Disease management, Hormonal imbalance management, Pediatric diet, Geriatric diet, Pregnancy and Lactation Diet.
Online Diet Consultation

I was born and brought up in United Arab Emirates and received my primary education there before completing my Ordinary…

8 Years Experience
Fees: 850.00TK
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Dr. Mahfuza Hussain
(MBBS (Dhaka), FCGP (BCGP), Diploma-in-Asthma (UK), C-Card (NHF), CCD (BIRDEM- Diabetology), DMU (Dhaka) PGT (GYNAE & OBS))
Gynae & Medicine specialist
Medinova Medical Services

11 Years Experience
BMDC - A-61407
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