About Us

Sebagar is a unique idea project implemented by Bdtask Limited. Our main goal is to provide qualitiful health care as well as build a community.

We have a great team who works continuously to make a best platform for not only Bangladeshi community but also world wide.

Bay cliff consultant & Tell us is working for our international consultation. We may hire more consultation firm to offshore. We have successfully implemented sebaghar health service in Bangladesh. Now, We are planning to implement it for all African countries with some partners.

We are continuously searching for the best opportunities for developing and underdeveloped countries.

Bangladesh is our pilot project. We will start our operation very soon in other countries.

Our team member

co-founder Kathleen Wong
Sumch Muhammad Tarek
Managing Director
co-founder Kathleen Wong
Tanzil Ahmad
co-founder Kathleen Wong
Tohidul Islam
Kathleen Wong
Bdtask Limited
Technology Partner