Dr Nusrat Jahan
(MBBS(DU)BCS(Health) FCPS Part-2 traineeCMU(Ultra))
Internal Medicine

Studied in Dhaka medical College Hospital in session 2009-10. Completed MBBS degree on 2015 and internship completed on…

4 Years Experience
BMDC - A77101
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Dr.Md.Farid uz zaman
(MBBS,DMU,PGT(physical medicine))
Physical Medicine
Pain Relief & Therapy Center, Gazipur.

Dr.Md.Farid uz zaman is one of the prominent and experienced physical medicine specialist in Bangladesh. Dr.Md.Farid Uz…

5 Years Experience
BMDC - A-74812
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ডা: মোহাম্মদ ইমরানুল হক
(MBBS, BCS FCPS(Medicine,Final part) MD(Cardiology-course)(NICVD))
National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Mohammed Emranul Hoq MBBS(CMCH) BCS(Health) FCPS(Medicine-final part) CCD(Diabetology)

5 Years Experience
BMDC - 79694
Fees: 300.00TK
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Dr.Nahid Reza
(MBBS,CCD,PGT,MCGP,CMU,Training on Pain management (NSH,Medvarsity -India) )
বাত-ব্যাথা, ডায়াবেটিস ও মেডিসিন রোগে অভিজ্ঞ ( General and Pain Physician )
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am Dr.Nahid Reza. I want to establish myself by hard working, honesty and accountability in an organization where opportunities…

5 Years Experience
BMDC - A-88000
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DR. Tanveer Ahmed
Plastic Surgery, Burn, Hand Surgery, Gynaecomastia, Aesthetic
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Working as the Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery in the Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery,…

17 Years Experience
BMDC - 38717
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Dr. Md. Baha Uddin

6 Years Experience
BMDC - 65210
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DR. Md.Khaled Shahrear
Trained In Microear Surgery KKR institute Chennai.
Rajshahi Medical college hospital, ENT Department

Dr. Khaled Shahrear is one of the prominent and experienced ENT Specialist in Bangladesh. He has completed MBBS,DLO,…

19 Years Experience
BMDC - A36511
Fees: 400.00TK
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Dr. Md. Abdul Fattah (Joint Pain Specialist)
(BPT(CRP-DU), MPh (SUB) Bobath (UK), PNF (India) & Dry Needling (India))
Pain,Arthritis & Rehab Specialist

Hello! I am Dr.Md.Abdul Fattah,PT Senior Physical Therapist under the Department of Physiotherapy at CRP-Mirpur. For the…

14 Years Experience
BMDC - BPA-503
Fees: 200.00TK
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Dr Assaduzzaman Sadi
(MBBS (SZMC) CCD (BIRDEM) PGT (Medicine) in DMCH,BSMMU. PGT(Gastroenterology,BSMMU) )
General practitioner (Cardiology & Diabetic & Covid 19))
National heart foundation hospital & research institute, mirpur, Dhaka.

10 Years Experience
BMDC - 53344
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Experienced in Medicine, Diabetes,,Skin,VD, & Child health,COVID-19 specialist)
East West Medical College

MBBS completed from Kushtia Medical College  affiliated with Rajshahi University.      Completed my…

1 Years Experience
BMDC - A98412
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